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Commercial property investors know that they can count on the team at LJH Commercial for all their property management needs.

We can help you make the most of your investment - whether you need assistance managing your property portfolio, organising leases and administration, preparing or managing the ongoing financial aspects of your investment.

Professional commercial property managers can help to build strong landlord and tenant relationships, maximise your property's potential and ensure your investment adheres with all lease and statutory requirements.

Professional property managers - protecting your assets

One of the biggest advantages associated with commercial property management is the fact that your assets are protected.

Many private property investors are lack either the time or the legal knowledge to address the wide range of paperwork or scenarios that can develop between owners and tenants.

LJH Commercial can help you to advertise vacant commercial properties to a broad audience using our vast resources - both online and in your local area. You'll find that our excellent reputation and trusted brand name may make your property more appealing to prospective commercial tenants.

We are able to negotiate the best rental rates with a commercial tenant and act as an intermediary between investors and renters - an arrangement which can be particularly beneficial if any disputes arise in the future.

The experienced team at LJH Commercial can also help you arrange insurance cover - we have access to a number of policies that you may not otherwise be able to enrol with.


Commercial property management - maximizing your investment

Our commercial property management team can help you make the most of your investment. This can include facilities management - ensuring your building operates as efficiently as possible.

In addition to co-ordinating the day-to-day operations at your commercial property, we can also assist you with broader business objectives.

These can include everything from addressing maintenance issues and repairs to longer-term issues, including assessing, implementing and managing sustainability policies, undertaking critical task management, and outlining and overseeing refurbishment projects.

We can help you reduce your property's impact on the environment, ensure the building is used in as productive a way as possible and help you cut down on your operational costs, as well as a range of other tasks associated with managing a commercial property.

The experts at LJH Commercial have years of experience in your local area and are close at hand if you need any assistance.




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