Selling, leasing and buying land

A property investment in land is considerably different than buying other types of commercial property and there are several things to be aware of when planning your purchase.

From budgeting for the added expenses associated with purchasing and building on a plot of land - including site costs to navigating the murky world of settlement and land titles, an agency with its finger on the pulse of the industry can help you to make the most informed decision possible about your investment or sale.

The team at LJH Commercial is focused primarily on the middle market, which represents New Zealand's highest property turnover in dollar value and volume.

You'll find our hands-on approach and years of experience in regional markets across the country gives us an intimate knowledge of both trends and opportunities for leasing, buying and selling land.

Leasing - plenty to think about

If you are planning on leasing land with the intention of development, you'll want to be aware of a number of specific rules and regulations specific to this type of transaction.

Your LJH Commercial representative can help you through this process - and any other queries you may have about your land lease.

Buying - things to consider

When it comes to buying land as a commercial investment, there are several things that you must consider - the most important being your choice of site.

Of course, you want to think about the size and orientation of the land itself, but you will also need to take the relevant local planning controls into account.

Furthermore, energy considerations - exposure to direct sunlight if you want to utilise solar panels, for example - are also worth bearing in mind, as well as access to essential services, including wastewater treatment, garbage disposal, telecoms, electricity and gas.


If you are selling land for commercial development, you'll want the knowledge and expertise that an experienced agency can provide.

You'll find our staff have an in-depth knowledge of the local market and are ideally-placed to help you market your property.

We can help you showcase land on our website, providing potential buyers with plenty of details and arranging potential matches between vendors and investors.

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