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Facilities management: Commercial real estate

With an annual turnover exceeding $20 billion, facilities management is becoming one of Australia's most diverse and fastest-growing sectors.

According to the Facility Management Association of Australia, the industry has grown since the widespread outsourcing of workplace maintenance and management in the late 1980s and it now well on the way to becoming one of the country's major areas of business.

Facility managers can assist with a whole host of tasks associated with managing a building, including reducing operational costs, ensuring the facility is used in the most productive way possible and cutting down on its environmental impact.

They can also help with more technical services as they are required.

Facilities management - what can we do?

The main function behind facility management is to ensure the 'built environment' - which generally encompasses properties, buildings and major infrastructure - operates as efficiently as possible.

Facility managers can be responsible for a number of different aspects, from making high-level decisions and strategic plans to the day-to-day operational management of a commercial property - including repairs, security, maintenance and cleaning.

At LJH Commercial, our commercial property experts specialise in the middle market, which represents the highest property turnover in Australia in terms of dollar value and volume.

Our commercial property management team is available to assist with any aspect of managing a building, and can play an essential role in not only co-ordinating daily operations, but also helping you to realise broader business objectives.

Business Property Managers

LJH Commercial - commercial property experts

If you are a commercial property investor looking for an agency to manage your facility, LJH Commercial should be your first port of call.

Agents act as an intermediary between the owner and the tenant - and many private investors will admit they have neither the time nor the legal expertise to handle the huge variety of scenarios or paperwork that can arise.

You'll find that our agents are based in most major cities, towns and regional centres of Australia, so your property manager will always be within easy reach.

An experienced agent can even help you arrange insurance policies, negotiate the best rates with a commercial tenant and manage any disputes that can potentially arise over payments.

They can also advertise a vacant commercial to a significantly broader audience using resources including the LJH Commercial website and other media advertising.

The trusted LJH Commercial brand name and reputation can make your property more attractive to potential tenants and our agents can assist you through every step of the management process.

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