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As an extremely specialised area of operation, LJH Commercial takes its business broking obligations seriously.

In Australia, franchise businesses are becoming an increasingly desirable prospect and our brokers are frequently called upon to advise in these areas. Furthermore, lifestyle changes mean that a number of small business owners are retiring earlier than ever before - which has resulted in a rising number of business sales.

Nearly all of these transactions are carried out under the watchful guidance of business brokers, who provide you with assistance with the major processes of the deal, as well as the smaller - but no less important - details.

Professional brokers need to have a solid understanding of the outcomes of company balance sheets and profit and loss statements and act with complete confidentiality.

Business brokers in Australia

Business brokerage is one of the most demanding disciplines regarding asset transfers between parties and requires the greatest skill set.

In Australia, the peak industry body offering support and representation to professional brokers is the Australian Institute of Business Brokers, which supports state and specialist chapters to keep abreast of industry and local issues.

The professional brokers at LJH Commercial have a comprehensive awareness of the market, including short and long-term economic factors that can affect the performance of a business.

LJH Commercial recognises that business broking is an extremely specialised area and you can be confident that our brokers are equipped to ensure due diligence is exercised throughout every transaction.

Commercial Business Broking

Business broking with LJH Commercial

With an ever-changing market, it is essential for business brokers to stay abreast of current trends and remain mindful of their industry obligations.

The team of professional commercial business brokers at LJH Commercial specialise in the middle market, which represents the highest property turnover - both in dollar value and volume.

Our specialised market insight and in-depth knowledge of local areas throughout Australia means we can provide a customised service by region and can offer you a consistently high standard of commercial property services.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a small business, the business brokers at LJH Commercial can help you through every step of the process - from estimating the value of the business and advertising it for sale without disclosing its identity to screening and liaising with prospective buyers, facilitating negotiations and performing the necessary due diligence investigations.

These services are offered in the strictest confidentiality as we help you negotiate the transaction from beginning to end.

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