Commercial Property Investment

Commercial property - investment options

As New Zealand continues to recover from the economic downturn, the beginning of new infrastructure projects and a strong outlook for engineering construction could represent welcome news for anyone considering a commercial investment.

As an agency with a strong presence across New Zealand, LJH Commercial has an exceptional understanding of local markets and our staff have the knowledge and skills needed to help you make the perfect investment decision.

Retail Investment - commecial property worth considering

Retail property is widely considered to have been the least affected by the GFC - and if you are thinking about a commercial property investment, you might find this sector well worth considering.

These types of properties tend to be particularly valued thanks to their lower capital value fluctuation compared with other types of commercial investments - as well as a generally stable income stream.

LJH Commercial franchise owners and staff across New Zealand have years of experience in the retail markets - and our in-depth knowledge of the trends and opportunities in each region make us a valuable port of call for potential investors.

Investment Properties

Buying land as an investment 

Buying land as an investment is another avenue to explore when it comes to commercial property. However, land investment differs in a number of respects - navigating site costs, stamp duty and other expenses associated with purchasing and building, for example - which is why it is important to seek out assistance from the experts.

The staff in each of LJH Commercial's local offices have hands-on experience with the land market in their respective region and can help you identify trends and opportunities to help ensure you make an informed decision.

We can help you from everything including land titles and settlement duties, helping to make your transaction as smooth as possible.

Commercial offiice Investment

Commercial office investments are particularly popular, and each regional market offers its own unique challenges and opportunities. The staff at LJH Commercial can help you find the office investment that suits your requirements.

Whether you are looking to invest in existing office space or an exciting new build project, we can help you through every stage of the process and provide valuable support.

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